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The unimaginatively titled update [Sep. 29th, 2011|04:08 pm]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]

I should write something, I’ve lacked the motivation to do so for sometime though and I’m mostly not doing much thinking outside of ‘this week I’m……’ Looking back on these apre facebook months I realise I’m also scheduling my weeks around when I plan to make EC announcements and what new info I need. Slave to the machine I created!

I’ve had some fun roleplaying weekends and even introduced Kimber, Rackham and Becca to the joys of dice rolling geekyness by creating Cybershonendam 00 a scifi bastard offshoot of D20 for anyone who gets excited by Gundam and hasn’t had enough of Deus Ex yet. Rackham LOVES flirting with the DM……

July was for playing with toy soldiers and we will have some more of that now October is upon us, I’m going to finish painting my current crop of Marines this week so a new Lunchtime project beckons. Gribbly Alien time probably.

August was all about Cosplaying. Made Shockwave and Jayne Cobb for Aya, was good. Liked the costumes, Put on a little performance with Jake and found a bar on campus that sold Old Speckled Hen.
Want to kill the material over foam technique though, If I ever start talking about it again feel free to throw me in the Thames.

September is when EuroCosplay gets real, so I’ve been hiding in front of my PS3, playing Deus Ex (AKA day of sex) and fraging Orks in the name of the Emperor in order to motivate myself to tackle the mountain of emails and admin tasks.

Continued to watch quite a lot of films:
Green lantern – not just pants but green pants!
Captain America – fun but felt shiny scifi and not at all in keeping with it’s era
Transformers 3 – I found things to like in 1 & 2, but this one is irredeemable as anything but a mindless pro-american action flick.
Xmen FC – Pretty good, shame some of the characters where shoe horned in because they had the right powers.
Super 8 – Ok, spoiled by Hollywood syndrome a bit. did they know about zombies back then?
Harry Potter – I liked, much better than the boring previous one. Ends badly though as the ageing effects at the end jar your sense of disbelief..
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Woah, where did all these word things come from!? [Jun. 9th, 2011|12:55 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Works gone quiet again so I thought I’d update. The last few months have been a bit of a blur. I tend to thrive on goals but I possible had one too many in the lead up to May for my own good.

WorkCollapse )

Modeling and gamingCollapse )

CosplayCollapse )

ExpoCollapse )

AnimeConCollapse )

Natalie Portman and other entertainmentCollapse )

June is looking more relaxed, got some models to paint for events in July and I better make a start on my costume for Aya, actually I better SIGN UP to Aya.
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Aya [Mar. 28th, 2011|11:51 am]
Whats everyones accomodation plans for Aya?
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For good times, make it Minami times [Mar. 24th, 2011|04:07 pm]
Minami has been and gone and it was very nice, almost perpendicular in fact (with a beer in hand) Was lovely seeing everyone together after the big break and seeing what everyone has been working on. This year if you weren’t there, I made a motoslave from bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040Collapse )
You will be able to catch it again later in the year when Phil finishes his Priss.

Plans for the rest of the year? Shockwave for Aya, I want to try my hand at making a costume Goldy style. I also want lots of you guys to join the Decepticon cause with me, Soundwave and Starscream have already been bagsied though. Go on, you know you want to!

Pre-Minami we went to Salisbury for a few days in celebration of Leenas Birthday, we et too much, shopped a bit and generally acted like tourists, was nice.

In other news, I’ve finally drowned myself in the daddy of all social networking and joined facebook (James Funnell (Ilpala)). How I manage to do anything productive during the day anymore I don’t know!
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Midlands and stuff [Feb. 21st, 2011|11:28 am]
Leena signed me up to Twitter, I’ve even been using it a bit, more than LJ at any rate!
My user name is Lord_Ilpala.

Midlands was last weekend, it was nice seeing people and even nicer to see so many new, talented faces. The Masquerade has nearly outgrown the event though O.o
Lots of thanks to everyone who came and helped and apologies if I wasn’t all smiles and happiness – I was struck down by something nasty Friday night and really suffering all of Sat :(

I very nearly bought myself a Transformers messenger bag to cheer myself up but all the nice ones had ‘Revenge of the fallen’ all over them. Damn you Bay!

Cosplay for Minami progresses but I have a lot on in the coming weeks so I really need to get construction finished this week so that I have plenty of time for finishing.
Don’t actually know how I’m going to keep half of it in place either so interesting times ahead.
I also have a lot of models to get painted for Tournaments in April.

Games have been set to ‘Grind’ I don’t dare start a new one at the moment so I’m slowly working my way up to the big challenges in FFXIII and letting my pleby B-spec Stigs level up in GT5 while I accumulate enough cash to buy 1000 cars for a giggle and a trophy.

My opinion of GT5 is varied. The majority of the game has been quite wonderful with a reasonable balance between fun races and events and ones that are blindingly difficult for those that like a challenge, however by the end, if you’re a completionist – You have to take part in races and grinding that are so long and so mind numbingly boring or frustrating that watching paint dry seems like an exciting option. I have no idea what the designers were thinking.
You will have been playing for at least 150+ hours in the first place just to get to that point though…..
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How wrong can a D&D Stag doo go? [Nov. 10th, 2010|12:55 pm]
First, I had to make a phone call today and oh dear god, Its getting to the point where you won’t even be able to go to the loo without someone trying to sell you something. I foresee a future where loo roll will automatically market itself when your running down. It will send a text message to a call centre who will then phone you up and try to sell you their essential insurance that guarantees safe next day delivery of a new loo roll when your down to 10 sheets, all for only £84 a year or a mere £1.50 a week. Protect yourself from that awkward situation NOW!!!

EuroCosplay is a beast that never sleeps, making me perpetually tired and pre-occupied. But it was awesome, it all worked out much better than we could have hoped And I got to get my Robots out, Prime has been getting a stiff neck stood in my hallway!

EC would not have run so smoothly without all the help and support you guys gave us so a massive thank you to everyone who helped. We will organise a party or something!

Ball next, I think I may turn my Steampunk Head in to a full outfit since he’s never had a proper outing. I did have some more outlandish ideas but my main hankering is to loaf in front of computer games at the moment so I’ll go with what I know.

Last weekend was a D&D stag doo for a character in a campaign that I have been running off and on for about 13 years. It was fairly epic, the best dwarf managed to invite the parties arch enemy and get the groom sent to one of the nine hells where much fun was had with Succubi and gelatinous cubes. The now infamous bag of random potions also made an appearance, represented in real life by a bag of extremely alcoholic and not necessarily pleasant unlabeled shot mixes which made for quite a fun in-game drinking game.

Next up, the actual wedding……
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Cosplay guests @ Expo [Oct. 7th, 2010|01:07 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

I'm shamelessly using my LJ to plug my hard work :P

Not content with just hosting the very first European Cosplay Championship the new Totally Cosplay @ Expo area is going to have lots of other fun things for Cosplayers to do.

Special cosplay guests from around the world are being flown in and they are all keen to meet UK cosplayers.

famous American cosplayers Jia Jem and Ginny Mcqueen. Will be joining us.
Jia is well known for the amazing range of costumes she has turned her hand to and Ginny, who has been cosplaying for 12 years now has done everything from Modelling to TV work.

Yuki, one of Brazils best known cosplayers will also be here. Yuki has represented Brazil in the World Cosplay Sumit and regularly performs at Video Games Live events over the pond

And finally Goldy, Japans own master of Gundam and Mecha costumes will be in attendance.

Expect panels, costume displays, meet and great sessions and on Friday Goldy himself will be hosting a special hands on workshop to give you a taster of how he makes his amazing costumes!

The Totally Cosplay area will be host to lots of other fun stuff over the weekend too, look out for games, a themed photo shoot area, Mini cosplay parades, workshops and panels over the weekend.
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EuroCosplay [Sep. 24th, 2010|08:41 am]
A year ago we were just contemplating how this whole thing would go and looking forward to the first European events.

Now we have all thirty cosplayers selected and eager to come to London in October, all we have to do is make it awesome.

Suddenly it seems much more real!
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Amecon [Aug. 19th, 2010|12:17 am]
Ok, new venue, not everything went smoothly but I generally felt pretty positive about all the cosplay shinanigans come Monday evening and boy was there an amazing turnout of costumes.

Honest opinions from all you veterans on the cosplay events welcome.
Get em in before my thoughts are consumed by Expo (or maybe, shock horror, a computer game)
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Amecon Cosplay events [Jul. 28th, 2010|12:30 pm]
[mood |busybusy]

First off, just a quick advance warning - since I know some of you lovely people were planing to take part but havent registered yet.

The Competition, Omake and Masquerade are all starting to look like they have eaten all the pies, If you want a place get your entries in SOON ^_-

Also, I may have some spare hall time in my schedule for some cosplay fun and games - but I'd like to avoid using the same events we see at all the cons. If you have a cool idea, let me know.
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